Wild Huckleberry Jam

When people thinks of wild huckleberry gourmet goodies, the first product that comes to mind is huckleberry jam — the most widely treasured and sought after of wild huckleberry foods… right after huckleberry pie (with vanilla ice cream) of course!’

One of the very first, if not THE first specialty food company selling huckleberry jam, is Gem Berry Products of Sandpoint, Idaho. Harry and Jack, both in their 70’s, are still having fun with their business after more than a quarter century!

Their wild huckleberry jam page includes two sizes of jam, which Jack claims is “still the best” on the market. They also offer a huckleberry-raspberry jam (to die for!!), and a sugar-free huckleberry spread or preserve, sweetened with lycasin (derived from corn), among the most widely respected of the growing army of artificial sweeteners on the planet. I’ve heard retail store owners call this “the best huckleberry jam on the market… no sugar added or not!”

And Gem Berry labels are among the most colorful and beautiful in the huckleberry gourmet food industry.

Perhaps the most fun huckleberry jam, is the Huckleberry Toe Jam from Idaho Redneck, “hand picked from between the delicate digits of barefoot rednecks, after traversing the mountain wilds of Idaho!”. Previously available just in 4.9 ounce, Toe Jam now comes in a honkin’ 11 ounce jar as well! One gooey jar will amply cover an entire cheesecake!

I’ve heard people comment that this product is a joke, and not to be eaten! But Idaho Redneck Huckleberry Toe Jam is a true gourmet delight, manufactured in Idaho in a commercial kitchen. This label verbiage puts a smile on your face… the tasty jam is just a bonus! (PS Great holiday stocking stuffer!!… Add some massage oil and a bar of pine scent soap and you have a great “foot care” gift basket!)

A more elegant jam offering comes from Gold Mountain Gourmet wild huckleberry products. Beautiful foil labels, give this sweet, tangy product a touch of class. Many Gold Mountain products use a combination of gold and purple foils, on an ivory label. However, Gold Mountain Wild Huckleberry Jam is showcased with a spectacular black matte label with gold foil. And unlike many huckleberry jam products… this one offers a complete blend of lime, lemon, and white grape juices to add just a special taste of something to the tartness of wild huckleberries. Also available in two sizes.

A wide variety of other companies make wild huckleberry jam of course. And some of these, including WildBeary huckleberry products, are available at Tastes of Idaho Gourmet Gifts. WildBeary uses lemon, lime, and APPLE juice in their recipe, and also offers a very attractive label. Oh, and if you want stocking stuffers, or want to put a lot of little items in a gift basket, they make the SMALLEST huckleberry jam on the market, at two ounces!

So which one is a best? Boy, I would like to be a judge at that competition. They are all spectacular products. Adding sugar to huckleberries, with a little lemon or lime juice… you just get something wonderful. A taste hard to describe, but hard to resist at the same time.

Each subtle nuance from each different recipe, just gives you another reason to LOVE HUCKLEBERRIES!


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