• you cannot buy ow plant hucleberry plants as they cannot be demesticated like th blueberry. If you have a so called huckleberry plant you have been scamed. I know this as I have proffetional huckleberry pickers in my family. so don’t tell people that these are huckleberry plants when in fact they are blueberry plants

  • Thanks Ed for your comment.

    I cannot vouch for any nursery or person selling huckleberry plants, but I can assure you that huckleberry plants, with the proper and special care, can be grown domestically.

    Dr. Dan Barney, who the Huckleberry Association worked with for yes, continues his research and growing of huckleberry plants. We list several of his correspondence and research on the website here:

    He also published a booklet on the subject, Growing Western Huckleberries, which is listed at the bottom of the page of our resources here:

  • Mr. Ed,
    A number of nurseries sell and ship them, including Raintree Nursery. And these are true huckleberries (vaccinium membranacium and ovatum).

  • I checked out most of your website & testimonials.

    I have yrs.picked berries for 40 yrs, & My Mom did for 60 yrs.
    at 60-65 she would get 15 to 20 gallons in a 10 hr. work day. Now that only happened if there was 2-3 hillsides of bushes,& the bushes were loaded.
    I & my siblings swore she had to be part mountain goat.her by h her Not a one of us @ 30 could match her. The closest we could get was 10 gals.
    She had her own unique method, using a fishing net, plus she took her trimming cutter & trimmed some of the neglected bushes, that is why her spots, which she had about 8, were always loaded down to the point they were almost touching the ground.

    This right here tells me that the USFS doesn’t know what they are talking about. Do they think that Bears, Elk, Deer, Moose, pull up a stump & carefully remove the berries as to not damage the bushes? Probably….
    Lat week I was up in the Panhandle forest from Bonco to Steamboat, I can’t believe the mess & danger the Forest Service employees do absolutely no maintenance. They can’t as much as remove a blow down tree, (like 30 of them) across the road. We had to saw 6 of them & push them off the road. Why are we paying for people who don’t even leave their office. These blow downs smash the whole bush, stunt it’s growth, but that’s Ok. While they put up gates & close roads so they aren’t used. CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC!
    Another way to keep us from enjoying our public land. What it boils down to is they’re lazy milking the dog & selling the PUPS.
    Enforcing Agenda 21-30. If you are not familiar with this, You need to Google it & be aware that Boise Idaho & our Legislature is under full participation with the United Nations as is Coeur d’Alene, under Visions 3, the name the UN used in 2014. SDG. Ranking USA cities, type into Google.

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