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Huckleberries in Oregon

As the seasons whines down in Montana and Idaho, the huckleberry season is going strong in parts Washington and Oregon.

Wild Pacific Northwest: Huckleberries

Wild Pacific Northwest: Huckleberries

Oval-leaved Huckleberry, Vaccinium ovalifolium (photo by Ivan Phillipsen).

Of all the plant species that produce edible berries in the Northwest – and there are quite a few – huckleberries have to be the most celebrated.

The abundant, delicious berries can be found in the Coast Range, Cascade Range, and Olympic Mountains in mid-summer through early autumn (in any given area, the timing of fruit production depends on the species, elevation, and other environmental factors).

As the article continues, the author talks about the history of huckleberries and the Native Americans; how to identify huckleberries; and huckleberry picking tips.

Very interesting and informative!  Also, there is a link to the health benefits of huckleberries.


NOTE:  Unfortunately, this particular article uses blueberry and huckleberry interchangeable.  Both are different berries, but the characteristics are similar.  We always tell folks that huckleberries are blueberries on steriods!!

For more info on the difference between Huckleberries and Blueberries, check this link:  Huckleberries vs. Blueberries

For more information on the Health Benefits of Huckleberry, click here:  Health Benefits 


Huckleberries Picking in Oregon

Huckleberry season here in Idaho/Montana is just about over, but from what I have been hearing on the web, it is in full swing in Oregon and northern California.

Check out the post by Melissa Trainer who is ….

Going Wild for Huckleberries in the Pacific Northwest

If you are interested in gathering wild huckleberries throughout the Pacific Northwest (including Alaska, Montana and Idaho) this August and September, here are a few tips and resources for doing so:


Where to find them: Huckleberries can be found in Northwest coastal and subalpine areas with abundant sunshine (blueberries, a closely related plant, has a much wider distribution in North America). Many clearcut areas have berries, but note that many prime locations get picked quickly. Ask a forest or park ranger for suggestions on trails where you can find them, or use the resources below.

When to pick them: Huckleberries reach their peak in mid-August and September.

Picking tips: Both birds and bears love to gorge on these berries, too. So, make noise and be bear aware while foraging and picking. Don’t overpick; leave plenty behind for the local wildlife.

Picture and article courtesy of REI and Melissa Trainer!

(Make sure to check out Melissa’s huckleberry pancakes!)





Forest Burn Hopes to Increase 2012 Huckleberry Yield

Huckleberry fields benefit from flames

The Columbian

SAWTOOTH HUCKLEBERRY FIELDS — On a blue-sky late September afternoon high in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, firefighters from the Forest Service and the Yakama Tribe waited, drip torches in hand, for the state to give the go-ahead so they could set the woods on fire.

When the green light came, they marched into a thinned mixed-conifer stand bordering the road, spaced themselves along the boundaries of a 20-acre plot, and began igniting huckleberry bushes and low-lying shrubs and grasses. …



Huckleberries in the News – August 7, 2010

Huckleberries: The Treasure State’s berried treasure

Great Falls Tribune
“I’ve always said if you can stand the walking, the mosquitoes, the bears, the cougars and the bugs, you can pick huckleberries,” she said. “I just love it.

Where in Oregon can I find wild huckleberries? – Yahoo! Answers

Preferably free for the pickin’ or low cost. I am …

Heart to Heart Gifts and Home Decor: Huckleberries are as Idahoan

By Thom
If you’re looking for something uniquely Idaho to give as a gift, and would rather not give potatoes, why not try huckleberry products? Huckleberries are not only the Idaho state berry, but they’re unique to the pacific northwest.

Along These Lines – -

Once a popular term with many meanings, ‘huckleberry‘ today is reserved primarily for an unusual berry, considered by many to have an outstanding tart

Berry pickers asked to share details on favourite patches

Bear Aware is asking residents to share their favourite huckleberry picking spot for a survey that will compare the berry crops with area bears.

A Million Things I Love . . .: #461 – Huckleberry picking

By tvmom
Do you know what a huckleberry is? Sort of like a blueberry, but a little more tart and smaller. It’s also the state fruit of Idaho. We just went huckleberry picking, they grow in the wild near my parents’ home.

Huckleberries?!? – CafeMom

If you live in the Spokane Wa area do you know where to go and pick them? If you do will you please share your spot.

your apples are my oranges: huckleberry fine

By Emily
mccall is full of huckleberries. and they are definitely huckleberries, not blueberries. i went on a nice hike and picked berries for about two hours, which shockingly only yielded a pound of berries. it takes so long. my friend andrea

Where Do Wild Huckleberries Grow? | Garden Guides

Where Do Wild Huckleberries Grow?. Wild huckleberries are found all over North America. Red huckleberries are found growing in disturbed areas or logged

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