New Email Provider for Wild Huckleberry Association

Greetings to all my subscribers!

You may have noticed that this email is coming via a new email provider called

After using Feedburner for many years (and dealing with their shortcomings), the service is shutting down.  I was fortunate enough to replace it with a new wonderful service:

This new email provider is a perfect Feedburner alternative that offers many more services. I love some of the new features I have found, including new filters and more delivery channels, e.g., to receive your news via Telegram, news page, etc. 

So, please note the change knowing there is nothing wrong with the incoming email, and enjoy.

If you are seeing this post on Facebook or elsewhere, feel free to, once again, sign up to receive emails (published 1 or 2 times a month) in your inbox.  It is the best way to be in touch to share information on wild huckleberries.   

New Email Provider
New sign-up box located on the upper right corner of the website — easy to find and easy to subscribe!
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  • Huckleberry picking has been in my life ever since I could walk. The berries were also my dads family every summer as well.

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