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Over the years, we have received numerous requests for huckleberry cookbooks and other resources on finding and growing huckleberries.  We have collected some of the best (but not exhaustive) resources on wild huckleberries and added them to our website.

Our Resource page features three of our favorite cookbooks:

If you are looking for a comprehensive huckleberry cookbook, one or all of these would be a wonderful addition to your recipe book collection.

In addition, we have several reports and booklets on and about huckleberries.

Dr. Dan Barney, who retired from the UI Research Center in Sandpoint, conducted some extensive research into raising wild huckleberries.  His booklet, Growing Western Huckleberries, has disappeared from the University of Idaho website.  But, good news!  You can download a copy here.

Also, we share a downloadable copy of his report: Prospects for Domesticating Western Huckleberries

Be sure to check out the website, and especially our Resource Page today!

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