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Harvey, the Huckleberry, Speaks Out on Abuse

Hi, my name is Harvey. I’m a wild huckleberry. This is my story. I was raised, with my siblings, in the beautiful, for­ested mountains of rural Idaho, much like where you probably live. Sure, we were not the largest huckleberries on the hill — maybe not even the sweetest — but we lived in harmony […]


Huckleberry Goodies for the Holiday … or whenever!

Huckleberry picking season is over (the snow is already flying in north Idaho!  *sigh*).    But I know there are lots of you who wanted huckleberries, but didn’t get any this year!  Don’t despair as I have an alternative for you! Tastes of Idaho has received a large inventory of huckleberry products — and will continue […]


Huckleberry Snack Mix

Nothing beats huckleberry chocolates, but during the hot summers …. well, chocolate is just not a good thing to pack or take on a trip! But for those who love trail mix, Wildbeary has developed a Huckleberry Snack Mix. Like a trail mix, Huckleberry Snack Mix includes some healthy and wonderfully tasty ingredients: Roasted and […]


Looking to Buy Huckleberry Gifts?

With Thanksgiving over and Christmas right around the corner, now is the time to order your huckleberry products for holiday gift giving. We have several websites where you can purchase great tasting wild huckleberry products: Tastes of Idaho features Idaho-made products and has a very large selection of huckleberry products like Wildbeary Huckleberry Products, Gem […]


Are you looking to buy huckleberry products?

Picking or growing huckleberries is not for everyone!  If you would rather buy huckleberry products, here is a list of our favorite websites: Tastes of Idaho lists NUMEROUS huckleberry products from companies located in Idaho.  You’ll find items such as the standard huckleberry jam and syrup, but also huckleberry bbq sauce, huckleberry chocolate bars, huckleberry […]


Wild Huckleberry Jam

When people thinks of wild huckleberry gourmet goodies, the first product that comes to mind is huckleberry jam — the most widely treasured and sought after of wild huckleberry foods… right after huckleberry pie (with vanilla ice cream) of course!’ One of the very first, if not THE first specialty food company selling huckleberry jam, […]