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Huckleberry Season in Oregon

Check it out if you are looking to pick huckleberries in southwestern Oregon:

Huckleberries, huckleberries

August 27, 2012 By

If you’re heading to the mountains in the next few weeks, be sure to take a bucket or two, for the end of summer brings the start of huckleberry season! Let Spain have their Running of the Bulls; Oregon has the Running of the Berries – and they make a much better pie! They also make good ice cream, chutney and jam! Reports from Berry Run ’12 indicate we aren’t quite having the season we had last year, but there is still more than enough juicy goodness to go around. A few friends can (and have) cleanly picked 2.5 gallons in an afternoon (Note: “clean picking” is the “slow” method; by hand – no rakes, brooms or other tools which means no crushed berries & few leaves and stems).

If you want to go picking yourself, you’d better have a very good friend who will give up the information on one of their secret spots. Prime fishing hole locations are given up more readily than picking patch coordinates. However, five cars were seen parked and picking on a recent Tuesday afternoon, so chances are you do know someone who might give you a tip or two.

If you’re more inclined to eat the fruit of someone else’s labors keep your eye out for “Huckleberry Pie” signs popping up in area restaurants or maybe even a handmade “Jam” sign along the road. Mass produced huckleberry products are good – but nothing can beat a locally made, handmade, freshly made seasonal dessert! Now, stop salivating and get out there and pick! The season will be over before you know it!



Huckleberry Memories

Love these ol’ Huckleberry Memories …

Berries: Luscious delicacies, free for the picking

BY BOB ANN BRELAND Between Friends

As children, one of our favorite things to do this time of year was to roam the woods around our house searching for huckleberries. We started before they started to get ripe, because to us, green huckleberries were the best. It was only by circumstance that any survived to get ripe. …



Huckleberry Pickers Warned Not to Damage Plants

With huckleberry season in full swing in many areas, the forest service is cautioning picker NOT to damage the huckleberry plants by cutting off the berry loaded branches!

Pick huckleberries without damaging plant, Forest Service pleads

NATIVE PLANTS — The huckleberry bush, the most revered shrub in the Inland Northwest, is getting less respect as berry pickers succumb to greed.

Practices are getting so bad, the Forest Service has issued a media release warning that recently observed practices — such as CUTTING OFF A BUSH SO BERRIES COULD BE MORE EASILY PICKED — are against the law and punishable by a fine of up to $5,000.

My god.

It’s safe to say most huckleberry plant abusers aren’t among the families returning to their favorite huckleberry hot spots generation after generation.  None of these people wants to damage plants and reduce the harvest of future years.

However, many people may not realize the senseless and improper use of rake-like huckleberry pickers also damages the berry bushes.

Meanwhile, read on for more information on the latest damaging practices reported by the Forest Service.

Currently, on the Nez Perce-Clearwater NFs, there are no regulations in effect for huckleberry picking. However, damaging and/or removing huckleberry bushes/brush on National Forest lands is a violation and can carry a penalty of up to 6 months in jail and/or up to $5,000 fine.

In more than one instance, pickers have recently been observed cutting a pickup load of huckleberry brush and picking berries from the brush they cut.

Huckleberries grow on the current year’s growth of plant. If the plant is cut off at the ground, the plant is destroyed. Something else will grow in its place before the huckleberry can regrow, thus destroying the patch for future crops.


Dr. Dan Barney demonstrating the correct use of a Huckleberry Rake

Find out the proper way to use a Huckleberry Picking Rake by reading the instructions posted on the Huckleberry Rake website.  Videos are included.



Huckleberry Crop Ripening Late

Berry crop weeks late in ripening

Pique newsmagazine

By Michael Allen

In the Whistler area, Vaccinium berries – huckleberries and blueberries – are roughly five weeks behind, which means as we near mid-September there is no high elevation berry crop.

The highest elevation at which bears are now berry feeding (Sept. 9) is 4,200 ft, that’s usually where bears are berry feeding in late July and early August. …



Super Year for Huckleberries in the Cascades

Bohemia’s beauty

The Register-Guard

It’s a super year for huckleberry picking. If you don’t yet have a secret spot to gather the blue fruit, consider a trip to Bohemia Mountain, in the old gold mining country southeast of Cottage Grove. …



2011 Huckleberry Crop Rated ‘C-’ by Spokesman Review

Moderate huckleberry crop could help bear hunters

The Spokesman Review

HUNTING — A poor huckleberry year generally translates into good hunting for black bears that expose themselves more as they search lower and farther for food to fatten for winter.

Jim Hayden, Idaho Fish and Game regional wildlife manager in Coeur d’Alene, recently did an informal survey of hunters asking them to evealuate the huckleberry crop. The verdict was that this year’s crop generally gets a C- grade — not great, but not terrible…



Are You a “Huckleberry Widow”?

Writers Corner for August 12, 2011

Coeur d’Alene Press

Myron is the Huckleberry Master, and all who seek to follow him will be lost. It took me 4 hours to pick a whopping 2 cups of huckleberries.



Huckleberry Picking Story

Huckleberry hunting

Coeur d’Alene Press

“That is a great smell,” I slowly and deliberately whisper to my wife while deeply engulfing my first whiff of huckleberry as we hike to our secret huckleberry garden. I’m not sure why I whisper. As most huckleberry pickers know, the safe and sane method of huckleberry picking is to make as much noise possible to alert the potential bear searching for the same delicious berry I crave. I suppose and consciously understand that my granddaughter’s, amazed and loudly expressive of every bug, flower and scat on the trail leading to my secret huckleberry sanctuary will scare any creature from within a mile of our hike. …



Native American Youth Find Ways to Preserve Huckleberry Plants

On the Pacific Crest Trail, tribes restore the trail and find a

But last week they broke from the trail work to mind the huckleberries on 70 removing huckleberry plants, which tribes consider a sacred “first food.


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