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More Fun Facts About Huckleberries

Huckleberries are a favorite fruit for many — especially if you live in or around the Rocky Mountain region.  But did you know about these fun facts: Huckleberries are also found throughout eastern North America and the Andes and other mountainous regions of South America. The fruit is versatile in various foods or beverages, including […]


Restoring Huckleberries After Fires

Last year experienced one of the biggest fire seasons in the Pacific Northwest — including the burning of several acres of huckleberry habitat.  Restoring huckleberries after fires is a concern of every huckleberry picker. Historically, Native Americans burned huckleberry fields to improve the health of the huckleberry patches.  The Gifford Pinchot National Forest Huckleberry webpage […]


Huckleberries in the News – Week Ending January 1, 2011

Forest Service wants to boost huckleberries Albany Democrat Herald SWEET HOME — Huckleberries were an important part of the diets of native Americans … Opening the canopy will increase the amount of light for huckleberry … How to Plant Huckleberries | foreverplant.com The huckleberry plant, native to the United States, bares berry-like fruits that contain […]


Huckleberries in the News – Week of November 15

Five pints at a time Daily Inter Lake – Kalispell,MT,USA The shop, which has been a fixture on Electric Avenue in Bigfork for 30 years, is inside a quaint house featuring huckleberry decorations on the front porch … American Indian Food: Huckleberries Plants were important to the Plateau tribes. They gathered over 130 different plants. […]