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Do Huckleberry Rakes Damage Plants?

In case you have missed it, there has been a very interesting discussion going on about the use of huckleberry rakes.  Historically, opinions on this issue are strong on both sides and  the discussions here are no different!  Click on the following links to read the posts and/or to post comments of your own! Original […]


New Huckleberry Rakes In Stock!

Our new shipment of huckleberry rakes are currently in stock! Received out pallet load of huckleberry rakes on Monday.  Since we are right on the edge on huckleberry season, we were anxious to get this pallet load ready for delivery to our customers.  But, low and behold, we opened the first case to label and […]


Capital Press Says: Huckleberries May Be the Next Hot Berry

Article in the Capital Press, Wednesday April 29 Huckleberries may be next hot berry Research centers on taming wild berries so they’re easier to cultivate Matthew Weaver Capital Press New and improved huckleberry varieties will go to cooperating growers, researchers and nurseries next spring. “We have the plants out in our nursery. They need another […]