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Huckleberries in Michigan

Here in the upper Rocky Mountain region, huckleberries are famous — but sometimes we forget that huckleberries grow in other parts of the country.  Maybe they are not the same huckleberries that are grown in Idaho and Montana, but huckleberries all the same.

So for our upper midwest friends and readers, I found an article focusing on huckleberries in Michigan.

Listed in this article is the following information:

  • History of huckleberries in Michigan
  • Habitat where huckleberries in Michigan grow
  • Huckleberry pie recipe
  • Pictures of huckleberries in Michigan

Check out the article here (sorry, web guidelines from this site does not allow me to post any of the article here):

Michigan huckleberries: small berries, big local history


Huckleberry Bundt Cake


And, if you are looking for more huckleberry recipes, I ran across a great Pinterest Board with lots of huckleberry recipes.

The Huckleberry board includes recipes for pies, cakes, buckles, cobbler,  muffins, crisp, scones, bars & cookies, tarts, pudding, ice cream, cheesecake, drinks, jam ….. and on and on … 85 pins in all.  She also features a few of our recipes and our huckleberry rakes!

Thanks Mary Gates for the wonderful board!

Check it out here:  Huckleberry/recipes


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