Following is an index of the International Wild Huckleberry Association’s recipes

Apple Huckleberry Tarts

Best Huckleberry Wine

Easy Wild Huckleberry Cream Pie

Fresh Huckleberry Cream Pie

Huckleberry Banana Smoothie

Huckleberry Blinas (Overnight Pancakes)

Huckleberry Cake

Huckleberry Chicken Salad

Huckleberry Cooler Milkshake

Huckleberry Cream Cheese Cake

Huckleberry Cream Cheese Spread

Huckleberry Crunch

Huckleberry Daiquiri

Huckleberry Fritters

Huckleberry Jam Recipe

Huckleberry Jam Recipe #2

Huckleberry – Raspberry Jam

Huckleberry Raspberry Jello Salad

Huckleberry Rice Salad

Huckleberry Salad Dressing and Dipping Sauce

Huckleberry Sweet Bread

Huckleberry Whole Wheat Muffins

Huckleberry Yogurt Dressing or Dipping Sauce

Microwaved Huckleberry Pie

Ol’ Fashion Huckleberry Pie

Pan-Seared Salmon with Huckleberry Sauce

Red Wine Braised Duck Leg with Huckleberries

Spiced Huckleberry Jam

Swedish Pancakes and Huckleberry Sauce

Tangy Huckleberry BBQ Sauce

Wildbeary Huckleberry Peppered Pork Roast

Click here for even more recipes — taken from past resources!

Please note, these recipes are linked to the original sources.  Some links may no longer be active!


The very active Facebook group, Huckleberry Hunting & Recipes lists numerious recipes added by members. 

Check it out and join the group:  Huckleberry Hunting & Recipes


Several food and cooking sites on the internet have a listing of huckleberry recipes.  Links to some of these recipes are listed below:

Food Network

CD Kitchens


Recipe Zaar

Just Berry Recipes:

Barbarie Duck with Huckleberry Liqueur

Blueberry or Huckleberry Jam

Cherokee Huckleberry Bread

Honey-huckleberry Muffins

Huckleberry Buckle

Huckleberry Cobbler

Huckleberry Coffeecake

Huckleberry Muffins

Huckleberry Muffins

Huckleberry Or Other Berry Pies

Selection of huckleberry cakes!
Selection of huckleberry cream pies!
Selection of huckleberry pie filling recipes!
More huckleberry recipes!

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