Buy Huckleberry Plants

Where to Buy Huckleberry Plants

You MAY find huckleberry plants at the following locations:

  1. Bosky Dell Natives in West Linn, Oregon
  2. Woodbrook Native Plant Nursery in Gig Harbor, Washington
  3. Pitkin Nursery, University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho
  4. Fall Creek Nursery Varieties in Lowell, Oregon
  5. Hartman’s Plant Company in Grand Junction, Michigan
  6. Huckleberry Landscape Design in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada


  1. Comment by Ed:

    you cannot buy ow plant hucleberry plants as they cannot be demesticated like th blueberry. If you have a so called huckleberry plant you have been scamed. I know this as I have proffetional huckleberry pickers in my family. so don’t tell people that these are huckleberry plants when in fact they are blueberry plants

  2. Comment by sandy:

    Thanks Ed for your comment.

    I cannot vouch for any nursery or person selling huckleberry plants, but I can assure you that huckleberry plants, with the proper and special care, can be grown domestically.

    Dr. Dan Barney, who the Huckleberry Association worked with for yes, continues his research and growing of huckleberry plants. We list several of his correspondence and research on the website here:

    He also published a booklet on the subject, Growing Western Huckleberries, which is listed at the bottom of the page of our resources here:

  3. Comment by Kay:

    Mr. Ed,
    A number of nurseries sell and ship them, including Raintree Nursery. And these are true huckleberries (vaccinium membranacium and ovatum).

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