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  1. Ping from Tina Brown:

    I live in North Georgia. Back when my parents were growing up they said they enjoyed wild huckleberry bushes. They are not around this area anymore. I would love to have some plants for the berries to cook with. I have no idea what variety would grow in this area. I would appreciate any help you could give me.
    Thanks so much,
    Tina Brown

  2. Ping from sandy:

    Hi Tina, I would suggest that you contact your local county extension agent who could help you find out which varieties of huckleberries would grow best in your area.

  3. Ping from Loretta Uthmann:

    I am looking for nurseries that sell about 50 Vaccinium Membranaceum (western mountain huckleberry)

  4. Ping from sandy:


    Did you try any of the nurseries listed here:

    There may be some more nurseries I don’t know about.

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