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Huckleberry Lover’s Seal

As you know, our wild huckleberry resource is a gift to all of us. And let’s start getting more enjoyment out of that little purple round thing we love so much!

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History of the International Wild Huckleberry Association

The Huckleberry Association was  originally a project between the University of Idaho Extension Service and the Clearwater Resource Conservation & Development Council (www.clearwaterRCD.org) going back to 2003. The original name was the Western Huckleberry & Bilberry Association. We were active in the formation, along with several other people and  “Dr. Huckleberry” Danny Barney, who is the leading researcher in the world on western huckleberry species.

Financial and economical stress hit the University of Idaho, so we rallied our resources, and have worked to create an informal association, and create a resource rich web site, in anticipation of relaunching a more formal organization.



  1. Comment by Rico Cruz:

    There are 2-3 year old huckleberry seedlings at the Pitkin Nursery, University of Idaho.

  2. Comment by sandy:

    Thanks for the tip Rico.

    Here is their website: http://seedlings.uidaho.com/Store/DrawOnePage.aspx?PageID=1

  3. Comment by Kathy Everett:

    I would like to make a recipe that calls for Huckleberry LEAVES. It is Huckleberry Leaf & potato Stew. I cook with a lot of greens and became interested in the Huckleberry Leaves when I saw a great cooking video from Cameroon. Can you tell me where I can buy the leaves (will settle for dried whole leaves. I live in the east coast in Maryland very close to the District of Columbia; Washington, DC. 703-400-9056 KeetoHealth@gmail.com Thank you – Kathy

  4. Comment by Michael Kelley:

    Thank you for site. I have just planted my first few huckleberry plants with high hopes for the future.

  5. Comment by sandy:

    Thanks for sharing Michael. Make sure to send us updates!!

  6. Comment by Angela Barnes:

    I live in Quincy, Illinois which is 20 minutes from Hannibal, MO Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn area, but no one grows huckleberries. I am in zone 6a and interested in putting in some. Where can I purchase huckleberry bushes? Want to put some in and sell huckleberry products.

  7. Comment by sandy:

    Hi Angela, you might want to try one of the nurseries listed here: http://wildhuckleberry.com/buy-huckleberry-plants/.

    Keep in mind that you just may not be able to grow huckleberries in your area or at least not the kind that we grow in the Rocky Mountains or Pacific northwest. Might check with your local agriculture extension agent.

    Good luck!

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