Ate the Last of Your Huckleberries?


Nothing is more depressing than looking in your freezer and cupboards and seeing that you ate the last of your huckleberries.  The new huckleberry crop won’t be ready for about 4 months — and that is if we get an early crop.

Despite that, we just don’t know how good the huckleberry crop will be.  

But I have an option:  You can purchase excellent locally-made Gem Berry Huckleberry products right from your computer!

Gem Berry huckleberry products are made in a commercial kitchen in Sandpoint, Idaho.  Made from local huckleberry, picked near and in the Rocky Mountain region, they are some of the best tasting huckleberry products in the area!

Gem Berry was started over 25 years ago by two couples:  Jack and Elizabeth O’Brien and Harry and Betty Menser.  Over the years, we have lost both the O’Briens and Harry’s lovely wife.  Harry, now in his 80s is still running the business and making his delicious huckleberry products.

Not only does Gem Berry feature huckleberry jam and syrup, but they made the best tasting huckleberry barbeque sauce I have ever tasted (and I’ve tasted several brands).

Some of the unique products Gem Berry offers are …

But the best selling gift items, if you need a gift for a huckleberry lover on your list, is Gem Berry’s gift boxes.  Find a large assortment of different products packaged in a beautifully-labeled gift box — all ready for gift giving.

BUT, make sure you stock up now as there is a price increase on the way. The best prices are listed now on the website!




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