Huckleberries in the News, August 2019


With the picking season in full swing, there are dozens of articles about finding and picking huckleberries.

Here is a summary of the best ‘Huckleberries in the News’ I found:Huckleberries in the News, August 2019

From The Independent in Chewelah, Washington:


TIME TO GET PICKING: Huckleberry season is upon us in Stevens County… You might remember back in 1993 when Meatloaf sang about doing just about anything for love except for one thing. There has been much speculation over the years as to what that was – and the odds are pretty good that he meant divulging the location of his secret huckleberry patch…


From the Idaho County Free Press in Grangeville, Idaho:

Sweet purple gold: Huckleberries are Idaho forest treasure

The scent is strong and yet the lips are sealed. It’s huckleberry season in Idaho County and though our neighbors are friendly yearlong, when it comes to the hot spots for the purple treats, you will often meet silence.  Hands holding buckets disappear quickly into the woods and the human ear can’t hear even a whisper. Huckleberry pickers are out for their gold, on a claim all their own…


From 8KPAX in the Flathead, Montana area

USGS developing special huckleberry program in Montana

GLACIER NATIONAL PARK – Huckleberries are now in season and MTN News spent some time with a biologist who is a part of a federal program that’s studying the popular berry.  Tabitha Graves is a research ecologist with US Geological Survey (USGS) who is working on a special huckleberry project. She’s been gathering data to understand why berries grow in some places over others and when there are more berries in some places…


From the Mail Tribune out of Medford, Oregon area:

A berry good hike

Following the Pacific Crest Trail north from where it crosses Dead Indian Memorial Highway toward Brown Mountain is pure pleasure. It’s a section with relatively few elevation variations that ambles through lush pine forests, often alongside towering old-growth giants… I was part of a hiking group savoring the sights along that same section of the PCT when, suddenly, the trail became, well, deliciously dangerous. My eyes kept wandering away from the trail, causing me to stumble as my stride suddenly became unpredictably erratic. I stepped aside, letting others pass.  It’s huckleberry season in the Cascades, and I was yielding to temptation…


Happy huckleberry picking … and eating!!


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