Huckleberry Festival in Jay, Oklahoma

The 52nd National Huckleberry Festival in Jay, Oklahoma begins on Thursday, June 27, and carries through Saturday, July 6.

I realize we are a bit late with the announcement but there is still time to attend if you wish to check it out.  Actually, the first couple of days consisted of the following events:

  • Little Miss Huckleberry Pageant for ages 0-12

    Picture courtesy of Huckleberry Folkloric:
    Picture courtesy of Huckleberry Folkloric: 354845441893128/
  • 2020 Miss Huckleberry and Outstanding Teen pageant

According to the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise, “Activities and events for the National Huckleberry Festival will resume on Wednesday, July 3 with a carnival in the RFC Pavilion Parking Lot. Wristband nights are Wednesday and Friday 6-10 p.m. and Saturday 4-8 p.m. Advanced wristbands are available until Wednesday and cost $25. The bands are available at Grand Savings Bank, Arrest and the Mariee Wallace Museum. The bands are good for one night of your choosing.” 

Living in the Rocky Mountain region where huckleberries are the state fruit in Idaho, I am baffled at the thought of one of the biggest huckleberry festivals in Oklahoma!  The residents proclaim Jay, Oklahoma as the Huckleberry Capital of the World!!

A few years back, I did some research (I even contacted the Jay Chamber of Commerce but received no response) on the history behind the festival.

Hoping to find more information, I looked it up again.  Here is what I found:

  • “In 1967 business leaders established the Huckleberry Festival. This event, sponsored by the chamber of commerce, is held each year during the Fourth of July holiday, with activities ranging from a parade and arts-and-crafts displays to a carnival and turtle races for children.” (Oklahoma Historical Society)
  • “Hop on over to Jay for the city’s annual Huckleberry Festival and celebrate the wild huckleberries that thrive in the area. The unique berry, more intense in flavor than the common blueberry, has spawned this festival that draws visitors from around the state and beyond.” (Huckleberry Festival

If anyone has any information on Jay, Oklahoma as the Huckleberry Capital of the World, please share with us!


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