Huckleberries Ready for Picking

Huckleberries are ripe and ready for picking in most areas.  Fun picking stories are posted nearly every day describing the crop, picking success and fun days of purple fingers!

Huckleberries Ready for Picking

Following are a few of the articles that are circulating on the web:

9 Fun Facts About Huckleberries, the Unofficial State Fruit of Montana

Everyday Wanderer

Montana is home to majestic mountains, big skies, and everything huckleberry. While they look a bit like a large, dark-colored blueberry, huckleberries have a distinct taste. They are also much more expensive than blueberries. Find out why with these fun facts….

I particularly enjoyed this article as one of the numbered points listed the following statement:  “While huckleberries are the official state fruit of Idaho, I’m convinced they are the unofficial state fruit of Montana.” 

HA!  Huckleberries are the official state fruit of Idaho since 2000 (see the following article for more details:  Idaho State Fruit).

Eat your hearts out Montanas!!!

Another interesting story is from Castlegar, British Columbia:

COLUMN: Slow and steady to huckleberry glory

Castlegar News

I found huckleberries again this year — as ever in my usual spot not far from the Columbia River. Others have been telling stories of huckleberries in the valleys and along lower mountain slopes. The internet is alive with huckleberries for sale —hard to believe at $10 a pound….

Our last story listing some interesting picking story, but the part I like best is when the author snuck a piece of huckleberry pie into the nursing home where his grandma is living!!

Steve Griffin: Huckleberry tradition continues

Midland Daily News

Call ’em huckleberries, if you like. Some of my buddies make the distinction between tame (blueberries) and wild (huckleberries.)

Plant scientists split them differently, with Latin names and seed distinctions.

But no botanist ever shared a good picking spot with me, and a couple of friends have, so I’m siding with the buddies: huckleberries it is.

That’s what Grandma Griffin called them…

If you are interested in exchanging stories with other huckleberries pickers, check out our Facebook Group:  Huckleberry Hunting & Recipes





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