Best Spots in Idaho to Pick Huckleberries

I know that telling folks your favorite huckleberry picking spot is just not done — at least not in Idaho!  But I can share with you the best areas, according to the Only in Your State website, to find and pick huckleberries.

Best Spots in Idaho to Pick Huckleberries

The 5 Best Places To Go Huckleberry Picking In Idaho This Summer

…Since huckleberries thrive at higher elevations, going into the mountains is a must. Berry picking season begins usually in mid-June and goes through August, but of course this varies based on weather and other factors. Many Idahoans are pretty tight-lipped about their favorite huckleberry picking spots, but this list contains some good places for you to start!

1. Coeur d’Alene National Forest … The Coeur d’Alene mountains are especially known for their great quantity of berries. Most people’s strategy is to pick a hiking trail and follow it until you spot a berry bush!

2. Priest Lake … Priest Lake is great if you’re looking for a camping-oriented excursion. It’s not hard to find a trove of huckleberry bushes here. There’s plenty for everyone!

3. Ponderosa State Park … Ponderosa State Park near McCall is a popular spot for berry pickers.

4. Teton Valley … The Teton Valley is located on the western slope of the Teton Mountains. Seasoned berry pickers know that if there is a sweet tartness in the air, berries are nearby.

5. Huckleberry Creek, Sawtooth Mountains … Aptly named, Huckleberry Creek is a great spot for huckleberry picking. It’s remote location ensures a certain amount of solitude while you’re out searching for berries. However, Idahoans aren’t the only lovers of huckleberries…please watch out for bears!

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