Huckleberry Picking Video

You may love huckleberries, but if you pick them yourself, you REALLY have to love picking huckleberries.

Following is an informative 9 minute video on identifying, finding and picking  huckleberries.  The folks who filmed this video are well versed in wild berries, especially huckleberries.  If you watch closely, he identifies wild thimble-berries, currants and other plants that grow together with huckleberries:

Also, check out this light hearted 5 minute video, filming the long walk finding and picking huckleberries.  These folks are fun and persistant!!

And, ahhh, that stream looks so inviting:


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  1. Ping from Andy Hopkins:

    Can they be found in the Blackhills in July in either red or blue berries?
    I have a picture but don’t know how to post it on this site.

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