Reports of Bumper Huckleberry Crop for 2017

This time of the year the question for huckleberry lovers is what is the forecast for the huckleberry crop this year?

Heavy snow pack and the wet springs typically make great conditions for a good huckleberry crop.

Huckleberry Crop

Here is what Rick Landers, outdoor writer for the Spokesman Review, said about what he found while hiking in northern Idaho and northeastern Washington earlier this month:

I hiked several areas this past week and saw for myself. And I’ve received photos from several readers. All reports indicate huckleberry bushes loaded with blossoms from Pend Oreille County through the Idaho Pandhandle.

Of course, there could be some areas with less abundance, but for now the general forecasts is, well, SaaaWEET.


If you have been out and about in huckleberry country, please let us know what you found.  Pictures always welcome!




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  1. Ping from Brandon:

    In Western Montana (Missoula area and South) we are already starting to see a lot of large berries. This weekend we went on a little checkup excursion to see if our patches were ready and there were many folks already picking down low. Higher up the berries are still green and small.

    We stopped and picked enough down low for a few mornings worth of pancakes but this weekend we will be out again with a goal in mind!

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