Want Huckleberry Products?

Just wanted to post a note about our annual 10% off pre-Christmas sale on Tastes of Idaho website — running November 16 to November 19, Sunday through Wednesday.

Huckleberry products

If you are looking for special huckleberry gifts for your friends and/or family,  this is the place to see the one of the largest online selection of  huckleberry products.

Note that we are happy to DELAY shipments to your friends and family … just be sure to make a note in the comments upon completion of your order. Otherwise, we usually send in 1 to 3 business days, depending on sales volume.

Tastes of Idaho

Remember:  Sales starts this Sunday and runs until Wednesday!



  1. Comment by Bill Coberly:

    Is there really a better tasting huckleberry than the ones that grow wild in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania? Nope!!!!!!! I used to pick them every summer as a kid and watched forest fires set by some people who wanted to get a bigger crop next season.

  2. Comment by sandy:

    Interesting Bill! I think there would be a few folks in the Rocky Mountain region that would debate you on the better tasting huckleberry!

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