Huckleberry Crepes with Ricotta Cheese

One of my favorite huckleberry recipe book is Huckleberry Delights:  A Collection of Huckleberry Recipes by Karen Jean Matsko Hood.

Karen has numerous recipes in her book, and here is one that I thought you would enjoy:  Huckleberry Crepes

If you are interested in more of Karen’s huckleberry recipes, HB Delights Cookbook
check out her 309 page book.  Along with over 250 recipes, she also includes sections on …

  • Huckleberry Botanical Classification
  • Huckleberry Cultivations and Gardening
  • Huckleberry Facts
  • Huckleberry Folklore
  • Huckleberry History
  • Huckleberry Nutrition and Health
  • Huckleberry Poetry
  • Huckleberry Types

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