Update on Huckleberry Grower

From our friend Joe Culbreth who is a huckleberry grower in Rathdrum, Idaho.  This is the email I received from Joe last spring:

We here at Berry & Nut Farm are not a research center for huckleberries,  but are are growing huckleberries. We started our huckleberry field in 2010, which now, consist of about 1 acre and about 1200 plants.

We purchased our plants from 4 different sources. Our oldest plants are now 4 years old and we hope to see some flowers any day.

My grandsons and I visited Dr Barney in 2009 or 2010 to learn about growing huckleberries and nut trees. We should have had a few more sessions as Dr Barney had lots of knowledge, more than we could take-in in a 2 hour visit.

A few days ago, I received the following correspondence with the pictures attached:

You can’t tell from the attached photos, but plants have recovered from last winter’s, winter kill. That sounds better than, I lost a years growth.


As for providing shade protection for huckleberries, (we have planted) blackberries and apple trees behind the huckleberry plants ….


Farm 2014 08 21 blk vs hb 015Will be adding a lot more sawdust this fall, will not be tucking-in each plant with pine needles as I have the past 4 winters. I will be crossing my fingers…


We wish Joe the best success with his huckleberry crop.  For more information on his Berry & Nut Farm, check out his website


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