Tips in Creating a Custom-Made Huckleberry Wedding Cake

The era of wedding cakes with two plastic figurines standing on top of them is a thing of the past. Wedding cake designs as of late, integrate the practice of infusing traditionally-tiered wedding cakes with fruits. For example, Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton had an 8-tiered fruit cake with a stunning white icing. On the other hand, American film producer Kyle Newman and White Chicks star Jaime King served a three-tier berry and coconut cake ornamented with roses. Fruits are in and since we advocate huckleberries for their health benefits, we suggest choosing them as an ingredient to give your wedding cake a nutritious and flavorful twist.

huckleberry-mousse-white-chocolate-mousse-white-chocolate-buttercream-vanilla-bean-cake Decide on a number of tiers

Before you begin thinking about your cake’s contents and design, you should first decide on how many layers it would have. A basic three-tiered wedding cake can accommodate around 100 people. In addition, you should take into consideration the diet of your wedding guests. For example, the M&S Wedding Cake section includes the complete ingredients of each cake and indicates whether a cake is gluten-free or safe for vegetarians to eat. Nuts are common allergens so you should consider serving nut-free cakes as well.

Healthier wedding cakes

Wedding cakes can push healthy limits for sugar content, if you’re not careful in choosing the ingredients. Fruits and berries add more natural sweetness, and are more easily metabolized and digested than their processed counterparts. Huckleberries are also loaded with levels of anti-oxidants that exceed even blueberries… and with a much richer flavor when used in concert with traditional wedding cake sweeteners. Available fresh in season, or frozen year round, huckleberries make a unique and healthy alternative to traditional wedding cake fare.

Cake topping

Putting huckleberry filling on top of your cake is also great idea. If you think putting fresh huckleberries on top of your wedding cake is too simple, you may replace them with huckleberry jam. To get an idea on how it tastes like on cake, you may check out the site’s free huckleberry recipes section for easy tips on how to make your own.

Working with your wedding florists

To elevate the visual appearance of cakes, they are decorated with floral arrangements. If you decide to decorate your wedding cake with flowers, make sure to use colors that match it. Huckleberries have a natural deep purple color but some can be a bit bluish. Purple flowers such as Orchids and Calla Lily compliment huckleberries’ natural colors. If they’re bluish, blue tinted roses or blue daisies are suggested.

Remember, a great wedding cake is all about details and decoration. By choosing the right tier, ingredients, and complimenting colors, you will have the perfect wedding cake on your special day.


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