Huckleberry Picking Tips

Upon my search for huckleberry information, I ran across this article from last fall.  Although the article is nearly a year old, it offers some good information and tips on picking huckleberries.

The article is written by John Reid who is a University of Calgary Faculty of Kinesiology graduate and Precision Nutrition Certified Sports Nutritionist


Here are some of the highlights of his article:

Here are some berry picking tips (and no-nos):

–  Picking berries in a national park is prohibited. Provincial parks allow it with verbal approval from a conservation office. If you aren’’t in a park, or on private land, pick away.

–  Remember that berries are a valuable food source for other wildlife, pick only enough for yourself. Four cups is a good rule of thumb.

–  Always, always, ALWAYS bring bear spray. Keep it on your belt and know how to use it.

–  If you do see wildlife, leave immediately and try not to disturb it. Berries are their food and you’’re in their area.

–  Do not damage the rest of the plant when picking. Leave unripe berries, leaves and branches on the plant.

–  Bring lots of water and sun protection. You can dehydrate fast when you’’re pickin’ hard.

–  Don’’t pick or eat berries you can’’t identify.

– Try not to eat them faster than you can pick them…




  • love the berry picking tips….try not to eat them faster than you can pick them….made me laugh….that would be pretty hard to do, unless you got down on all fours and bit the off the bushes…y’all have to pick them to eat them…

    Can’t wait to get out there this weekend. Last year I didn’t have any luck.

  • Yes, Karen, I thought that tip was pretty funny too! Good luck with your picking — I hope you find lots of berries and NO bears!!

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