Huckleberry BBQ Sauce

My very favorite huckleberry product is Huckleberry BBQ Sauce.  And not just any Huckleberry BBQ sauce, but Gem Berry Huckleberry BBQ sauce.

I have tasted a few different HB sauces, but none as good as Gem Berry’s thick tasty BBQ Sauce!!

Huckleberry BBQ Sauce has the ambiance of a sweet and sour tomato based sauce that, in my opinion, is HB BBQ new, reducedto die for!!  Made in small batches and mixed with small amounts of blueberries, this particular huckleberry sauce makes a wonderful glaze for any types of meat where you would usually serve with BBQ sauce.

The first time I tastes Gem Berry’s Huckleberry BBQ Sauce I fell in love with it.  The chef used this tangy sauce to cook with meatballs.  Personally, I am not a big meatball fan, but I went back for seconds on this dish.

When I bought some of my own, I used it as a dipping sauce — the thick sweet and sour sauce tasted wonderful on chicken and pork.  My husband told me it was even good on fish.

If you are looking for a wonderful BBQ sauce taste experience, I would highly recommend Gem Berry’s Huckleberry BBQ Sauce.

Amble 16 oz. bottle is reasonably priced.

If you are interested in trying the Gem Berry Huckleberry Spread, you can find it on the Gem Berry website.


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