Have You Ever Seen a Bear with a Purple Smile?

Last week, my friends at Farcountry Press in Montana sent me one of their newly published books:  “Have You Ever Seen a Bear with a Purple Smile?”  Having an interest in anything huckleberry, I was excited to see what this lovely children’s book was all about  … (well, of course, I knew it was about huckleberries, but wanted to see more!).

The cover alone gave it away!!  A cute bear with (wanna guess??) …. a purple smile! Although the cover is pale blue, the inside is full of purple pages!

Have You Seen a Bear with a Purple Smile?

Writer, Laura Budds, adds interesting rhyming copy as a conversation between momma bunny and her little ones about the bears and huckleberries.  The beautiful illustrations of the bunny family, huckleberries and the bear are by Kadie Zimmerman.  This hard covered book will be enjoyed over and over again by your little ones!

The back page talks about the author and illustrator, and tells you a bit about huckleberries.

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