Huckleberry Festival

Callaghan Country Lodge, #4 Callaghan Valley Road, Whistler, British Columbia,Canada, is hosting their 3rd Annual Huckleberry Festival.

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The Winds of Change

Down the other end of the corridor, Callaghan Country Lodge, just south of Whistler, is hosting a Huckleberry Festival on Sunday September 16.

According to the Whistler Insider,

The 3rd annual Huckleberry Festival takes place Sunday September 16 up at the Callaghan Country Lodge. Accessible only via a 5km hike-in, the lodge sits just below tree-line in amongst prime huckleberry terrain.

The huckleberry is a real mountain treat. They rarely grow at elevations under 2000 feet and are not really commercially farmed. This makes the huckleberry intrinsically awesome because, like most of life’s best rewards, they take a bit of effort– if you want ‘em, you gotta hike up and get ‘em.

“The idea to host the Huckleberry Festival came about because when we would hike around the lodge in September and our pants would always end up stained purple from about the knees down,” says Callaghan Country owner (and 2012 Whistler Citizen of the Year) Brad Sills. “So we thought it would be great to encourage people to come up and be rewarded not only by the scenery but also the edible abundance of nature.”

Sounds like great fun!!


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