Huckleberries Picking in Oregon


Huckleberry season here in Idaho/Montana is just about over, but from what I have been hearing on the web, it is in full swing in Oregon and northern California.

Check out the post by Melissa Trainer who is ….

Going Wild for Huckleberries in the Pacific Northwest

If you are interested in gathering wild huckleberries throughout the Pacific Northwest (including Alaska, Montana and Idaho) this August and September, here are a few tips and resources for doing so:


Where to find them: Huckleberries can be found in Northwest coastal and subalpine areas with abundant sunshine (blueberries, a closely related plant, has a much wider distribution in North America). Many clearcut areas have berries, but note that many prime locations get picked quickly. Ask a forest or park ranger for suggestions on trails where you can find them, or use the resources below.

When to pick them: Huckleberries reach their peak in mid-August and September.

Picking tips: Both birds and bears love to gorge on these berries, too. So, make noise and be bear aware while foraging and picking. Don’t overpick; leave plenty behind for the local wildlife.

Picture and article courtesy of REI and Melissa Trainer!

(Make sure to check out Melissa’s huckleberry pancakes!)





5 thoughts on “Huckleberries Picking in Oregon”

  1. Well I don’t know about some areas in Oregon, but the area we pick, in the central part of the Cascades, the season was not good this year.
    I missed going on our yearly girls camping trip but according to my friends, over three days time and being all over the mountain area we go to, they got about a gallon a peice of berrys. Believe me these are a couple diehard pickers. If the berries had been there they would have gotten more. They said the green berries were not even ripening.
    I don’t know what happend but season wasn’t good where we normally pick at the same time we normally pick.

  2. So sorry to hear that. Our season over here near the Rockies was better than last year, but a long way from the 2009 season!!


  3. Thanks Sandy but it happens.
    Guess we can’t have perfect every year.
    Last year in the same area we did great. We took a few gallons a peice home in berries. I still have some in freezer.


  4. We are planning on going Huckleberry picking next weekend at Mt. Adams area and wondering if there are still berries there and if the long drive from Seattle is still worth. Does anybody know the current Huckleberry situation at Mt. Adams area (Indian Heaven) or other places in the north/south cascades?

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