Huckleberry Festival Review — Trout Creek, Montana

Sounds like it was a great event!  May have to pencil this one in for next year!!

Huckleberries galore at festival

The 33rd annual Huckleberry Festival held its first huckleberry pie-eating contest Saturday. It was quite a hit with the crowd.

Posted: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 5:00 pm | Updated: 5:33 pm, Wed Aug 15, 2012.

Justyna Tomtas/Valley Press |

TROUT CREEK –  Over 100 vendors from Trout Creek and throughout the county attended the event providing food, crafts and demonstrations. Music and games also went throughout the weekend at the 33rd annual Huckleberry Festival.

Huckleberries filled the festival, sweetening people’s appetites with huckleberry shakes, sundaes, cheesecakes and jams.


According to the article, next year’s Huckleberry Festival will take place August 9 through the 11.


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