Huckleberry Picking Forecast

Latest Huckleberry Picking Forecast from “Mr. Huckleberry”!

Revised wild huckleberry forecast! After getting several reports, I am expecting a pretty good huckleberry year… best since 2009. Maybe a week or two late due to the long cool spring, but temps higher than 2011’s cold wet spring, so ripening did occur this year. Also, unlike 2011, we are getting some respite from the hot dry weather, with periodic thunderstorms in most areas. High elevation berries probably WILL ripen this year. I am pretty jacked about the season.

Huckleberry picking tools are IN! With the hot weather, the wild huckleberry season might be short. We have a limited supply of huckleberry rakes in stock, they will not last long. Get yours now.

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