Ol’ Fashion Huckleberry Pie Recipe

Found this Ol’ Fashion Huckleberry Pie recipe that I thought you would enjoy — simple and easy!

Huckleberry Pie

Select pie tins that are to be used & fill them evenly with berries to determine how many will be required. Throw berries in a pan, look over carefully. Remove all stems and wash berries. Huckleberry PieDrain off all the water from them and let dry in a towel. Wipe pie dishes clean, dust with a little flour in the bottom of each. Line them with a good paste. When ready for the berries, drain them once more and sift flour over them until each berry becomes a little white ball but be careful not to leave a surplus of flour in the bottom of the pan containing the berries. Allow a scant cup of sifted powdered sugar to each pie. Stir well into the fruit and turn the latter into pie plates. Cover each pie with an upper crust and press edges well together for much of the richness of the berries will be lost if the juices escape in baking. Bake about 1 hr and serve cold. Sift powdered sugar thickly over the top.

Note:  Flouring berries in this way, while still a little wet from washing will make just enough thickening to counteract the excessive amount of juice these berries are capable of giving off.




The author of this recipe,  Diane Mortensen, who writes “Georgia’s Kitchen” for the Oskaloosa News, revised the above recipe for the USA Today Weekend edition.


– 4 cups fresh or frozen huckleberries (or 3 cups berries and 1 cup grated apple)
– 2 Tbs. tapioca
– 1 cup sugar (may add 1/4 cup more if too tart)
– 1/4 tsp. salt

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Combine fruit, tapioca, sugar and salt and let stand about 15 minutes.

Line a 9-inch pie pan with 1/8-inch-thick rolled pastry. Fill with berry mixture. Top with remaining crust, cutting several slits to permit steam to escape.

Bake for about 1 hour or until nicely browned.



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