Huckleberries in the News – Week Ending September 19, 2010

Super blueberries

Frederick News Post
There are three species of blueberries found in our area — the low-bush blueberry, high-bush blueberry and huckleberry. The blueberry bush thrives after

The Best Year for Huckleberry Picking – 1988 (210 gallons in 7 hrs

(Thanks to the International Wild Huckleberry Association for the link.) I asked him about the best year he’s had for huckleberries in the Inland Northwest

How do I Pick Huckleberries in Idaho? |

How do I Pick Huckleberries in Idaho?. The huckleberry plant is a shrub that produces berries very similar to blueberries. Several huckleberry species are

Mediocre huckleberry crop pushes bears near humans

Seattle Times
A cool, wet spring dented much of the huckleberry crop, a main source of food this time of year. As a result, some communities are seeing more bears poking

Elk Lake News – Life at a Western Montana Lodge

By Lady of the Lake
Finding these huckleberries occurred quite by accident. However, I believe pure Providence led us to the most fantastic huckleberry picking I have ever enjoyed. In fact, in less than 5 hours, a friend and I picked about 1 3/4 gallons of

Bears’ thin food supply puts them, us at risk
Biologists said the poor huckleberry crop in some areas could have consequences for As the lumbering beasts roam the forests of the West, huckleberries,

4th Annual Huckleberry Harvest – a set on Flickr

Huckleberry Sunset. Sofi and Kennice by Mark Griffith. Best buds picking huckleberries. Not a one made it into my bowl of berries. See the entire set.


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