Huckleberries in the News – Week Ending September 11, 2010


The Best Year for Huckleberry Picking – 1988 (210 gallons in 7 hrs

By Craig Goodwin
The price of a gallon of huckleberries in 1988 was around $12/gallon and Cyrus O’leary’s pies was the major recipient of Mo’s legendary haul. It wasn’t long after ’88 that Cyrus O’leary’s stopped making huckleberry pies.

Foragers: Keep Eyes and Mind Open

The Atlantic
The reason I was in these hills was huckleberries, which are just now coming ripe. Huckleberries, specifically vaccinium ovatum, are the West’s answer to

Life’s Pleasures: In Search of the Elusive Huckleberry

By Michael’s Musings
However, it began to be noticed for medicinal properties as well. In World War II, pilots who ate jam made from huckleberries reported having better night vision. Huckleberry is more well-known for its effect on the digestive system.

400 pies will highlight huck festival

Dalles Chronicle
By Kathy Ursprung The huckleberries are straight off Mt. Adams, but the 400 pies for this weekend’s Bingen Huckleberry Festival in Daubenspeck Park are a

The hunt for berries is a cherished tradition here

The Wenatchee World Online
By Rochelle Feil Adamowsky Wes Hankins of East Wenatchee looks for huckleberries in the Smithbrook area on Stevens Pass. Slightly larger than a bb,


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