Huckleberries in the News – Week Ending August 28, 2010

The Capricious Virtuoso: Huckleberries

By Catlin
Huckleberry cobbler, Where do we start? Huckleberry muffins, A huckleberry sauce. Huckleberry smoothies, And huckleberries for your boss. Huckleberry ice cream, Huckleberry wine. Huckleberries in my mouth, They taste oh so fine.

Sweet Peas and Happy Things: A Huckleberry Adventure

By Monica
Out here in our “neck of the woods” we have huckleberries. And it is my understanding that they only grow in the northwest regions of the United States, as well as across the border in Canada. I have heard some people liken them to a

JH Wellness at Work || Blog || Jackson, Wyoming » Blog Archive

By admin
Huckleberries are small roundish berries that look similar to small or wild blueberries. They do not withstand transplanting or propagation and are not grown commercially. An abundant harvest, or lack of, is determined by unpredictable

Idaho huckleberries and wild plum jam « Learning Life From Scratch

By learning life from scratch
This weekend my dad and I went up to McCall to pick huckleberries. The time reminded me of things one learns as a child in Idaho that are later easy to take for granted. Things like what a morel mushroom looks like, how to gut a trout

Yes, Zirelda, There Were Huckleberries… « Notes From the West

Huckleberries are like miniature blueberries with a stronger berry flavor that grow on knee-high bushes at various spots in the woods around here.

A Chuckle for Huckleberries! — Idaho Conservation League

This tasty, tangy wild berry thrives in Idaho’s mountain soils and is embedded in the state’s history.

Huckleberries For Minni | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

By (outdoorPDK)
Minni didn’t go with me to the coast to pick huckleberries so I brought a few back with me to show her how our coastal evergreen California Huckleberries (Vaccinium ovatum) grow.

Huckleberry Festival:

This weekend Aug. 27-29 is the annual Mount Hood Huckleberry Festival – three days of fun activities for the family and best of all, admission and parking are free. All weekend long you can sample delicious huckleberry pancakes, shortcakes, jams, milkshakes, candies, sauces and more.

Northern Utah Video Broadcast – Huckleberry Pickin Time

Huckleberry Pickin Time. Wednesday, August 18, 2010. Huckleberry Pickin Time. Embed.


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