Huckleberries in the News – Week Ending July 25, 2010


Be bear-aware when picking huckleberries in Montana

KXLH Helena News

By KXLH Helena For avid huckleberry pickers in Montana, finding a bear in their favorite huckleberry patch is their worst-case scenario.

Of Bears and Huckleberries « Fireweed Meadow

By fireweed
I was in the middle of this thought, “That’s funny, why is there a lone huckleberry in the middle of the trail and why does it look so wet?” When we saw the dogs ears prick up and as he looked up a bear cub began squealing from the top

Huckleberry and blueberry’s cousin « Michigan Nature Association

By michigannature
Huckleberry and blueberry’s cousin. July 19, 2010. It’s not a huckleberry, and it’s not a blueberry. It’s Vaccinium cespitosum Michx., the dwarf bilberry. Compared with its relatives, the dwarf bilberry could be considered a dwarf—it

A Home Grown Journal: Anybody Know Anything About Huckleberries?

By Mama Pea
I googled huckleberries to find out more about them, but ended up a little confused. Apparently they grow in mountainous areas, look much like wild blueberries but have rather large seeds in them. They aren’t commercially cultivated


One thought on “Huckleberries in the News – Week Ending July 25, 2010”

  1. Re: bears. My husband picks in North Idaho and has seen more bears this year than normal, and much closer to him than in years past. So far only black bears, but if they are around, the grizzlies aren’t far away either. The berries are few and far between so far, so there is competition that you might not want to tangle with!
    Be careful! (And if it comes down to them or you in the patch…go to the fruit stand and buy some. It’s safer.)

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