Huckleberries in the News – Week Ending July 17, 2010

The Friday Friends: Gone and Back again part 2

By Debbie
Huckleberries are small round berries, with a similar appearance to blueberries, though their color may range instead from deep crimson to eggplant purple. They do have a taste similar to blueberries, but many say when they are fully

Pocono berries already abundant

Pocono Record
A huckleberry, on the other hand, has just 10 small seeds, but they’re big enough to The leaves of a huckleberry bush are covered with shiny, yellowish,

When Are Huckleberries Ready to Pick? | Garden Guides

When Are Huckleberries Ready to Pick?. Huckleberry is a shrub growing up to 5 feet in height with blueberry-like fruits. Depending upon the cultivar grown,

Are huckleberries and blueberries the same thing? – Yahoo! Answers

Celebrating the Huckleberry in the Northwest

Huckleberries probably make my top ten list of reasons why life is great in the Northwest. These tart-sweet wild berries are at their peak in August.

Huckleberries come late this year

Vendors blame the long, rainy spring for pushing back the huckleberry harvest this year. Huckleberries usually roll in during the beginning of July or the

Harvesting, Cooking and Canning Huckleberries | Garden Guides

Harvesting, Cooking and Canning Huckleberries. Huckleberries are similar to blueberries, and they can be a delicious treat if properly prepared.


2010 Huckleberry Days Bake Off Contest Information – Basic CMYK

Think you’ve got a great Huckleberry recipe? – whether it’s a cake, pie, 14th between 9:30 am – 10:30 am at the Huckleberry Days Arts Festival at the

Huckleberries and Hmong Farmers « Dr. James G. Hood’s Blog

By Dr. Hood
Gathering huckleberries is a deep tradition in the northwest but in many cases it is the Hmong who are doing the picking and selling now. Most of us are glad too. Picking huckleberries is pretty time consuming work. Huckleberries are a

How to Cultivate Huckleberries | Garden Guides

How to Cultivate Huckleberries. Huckleberries grow wild throughout many parts of the United States, most notably the Pacific Northwest.

Picking Wild Huckleberries in the Bitterroot Mountains, Montana

Picking wild huckleberries in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana is one of the great activities we enjoy. The huckleberries ripen in early to mid July.

Health benefits of huckleberries – by Michael Anderson – Helium

Huckleberries are very similar to bluberries in size and appearance. The only difference is that the huckleberries colors can vary from a deep cri…,


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