Huckleberry Wine Recipe

Huckleberry Wine Recipe by Foreign Foods |

Huckleberry Wine recipe from


5 pts. huckleberries

6 pts. water

2 1/2 lb. granulated sugar

1 yeast cake
Crush fruit.
Add 1 qt.boiled water which has been cooled to room temperature.
Let stand tightly covered for 24 hours.
Squeeze out juice using several layers of cheese cloth.
Discard pulp.
Boil 1 cup sugar in 1/2 gal.water for 1 minute.
Mix with juice; add yeast and let ferment for two weeks.
Strain through several layers of cheese cloth.
Boil 1 cup sugar in 1/2 pt.water.
Let cool.
Add to huckleberry liquid in gallon jug.
Fit jug with fermentation lock and leave in warm place until fermentation ceases.
Bottle and let age at least six months.



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