Growing Huckleberries

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Huckleberries have the reputation of being difficult to grow. Most huckleberries grow in moist, acidic woodland soils that are rich in humus.

Huckleberries in My Garden: Update

By Pip Gardner
I think that’s all for now. I will try to have some pictures next time. As always I am open to suggestions whether huckleberry related or just basic gardening tips. I’ll mention you in the blog post if I use anything.

My Tennessee: Huckleberry season

By Michael Antoniak
There’s more huckleberries to be picked every day until the season run its brief course. Plenty to satisfy me and the parade of birds which make their way to that bush throughout the day for the seasonal treat we share.

365 Days of Matt: Huckleberry Eats

By Matt
They know me so well that they got me a bottle of Huckleberry Creme Soda made right in Missoula. They also got me a Huckleberry Chocolate Bar and some Huckleberry Fudge. I am guessing huckleberries are all the rage up their in Montana.

TheEasyGarden – Gardening Forum / will huckleberries grow in MA?

Ever since my husband went to Montana last year and brought home some huckleberry jam my son loves it. The problem is you can’t find it here,

Huckleberries in My Garden: Not What I expected (But that’s okay)

By Pip Gardner
According to my research and Barney (pg 24), huckleberry plants aren’t supposed to start flowering until 3-5 years. I am not expecting any fruit this year or next year for that matter. However, I am certain that one of the plants has a


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