Huckleberries in the News – Week of May 23, 2010

Nature’s storehouse full of surprises

Bastrop Daily Enterprise
By Glynn Harris “Huckleberries are small round berries, with a similar appearance to blueberries though their color may range instead from deep crimson to

Huckleberries in My Garden: Moving Day

By Pip Gardner
The reason I call it a risk is because huckleberry plants for intertwined roots and if one is not careful it could hurt the plant. I am hoping that these seedlings are young enough that I did not do this.

The Elusive Huckleberry | Kitchen with Justin

Have you ever eaten an handful of fresh huckleberries? It’s unlike any other berry experience you will ever have. They are tart, though sweet, when properly

An older article, but still full of good information:


Libby , Mont. We all love the pies, shakes, and chocolate confections made from this flavorful berry, but do we think about how they get there? Huckleberries ( Vaccinium spp. ) have been an important source of food and nourishment in the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain areas. However, some of the huckleberry bushes are showing damage from harvest.


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