Customer Request: Huckleberry Tea from Mission Mountain Meadows

I’m looking for a most wonderful tea from my past.  Back in the 90’s I  ordered tea that came in tea bags individually wrapped in a bright fuschia/pink foil wrapper from a company called Mission Mountain Meadows. The business was run/owned by a Natascha Hagner in St Ignatius according to Montana archives online.  The tea might have been called WILD Huckleberry tea. She also sold pink huckleberry (white chocolate) candy bars and honey, among other products. I would be so happy if I could somehow get it again before I start trying new huckleberry teas. Maybe this Natascha or the new business owner is a part of a Huckleberry association such as this and I partly joined in hopes of posting something to lots of people to find someone who might have known her or the tea/company. One may email me at  Thank you.

Rita from Ohio



  1. Comment by Rita Vitale:

    I’ve tried other huckleberry teas but none compare to the mission mountain meadows creation of wild huckleberry tea. Still looking for Natascha Hagner.

  2. Comment by Christa Swartz:

    Rita, this might help you! I am from Bozeman Montana and LOVED that tea too. I saved a bunch in my hope chest and tonight as I sat down to drink my very last cup of it, I read on the back of the wrapper this info. I wanted to order more, but going online I can see the same problem you ran into. They are nowhere to be found! It is the best huckleberry tea and tastes fresh and amazing today just like it did 20 years ago!
    Here are the ingredients (which I am surprised I never paid attention to before):Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Lemon Grass, Rosehips, Blackberry Leaf, Cloves, Raspberry Leaf, Stevia, Huckleberry Extract.

    Blended in Montana for Mission Mountain Meadows St. Ignatius, MT 59865(406)745-3059
    (incidentally, the line “St. Ignatius, MT 59865” has been carefully crossed out by a black permanent marker on each tea back so perhaps it is incorrect information or they hoped to keep it private.)(I took a pencil eraser to it and it came off easily from the slick foil underneath)

    The hot pink foil wrapper on the front is labeled “Mountain Meadow Huckleberry”

    I do hope this helps you. I will be doing some sleuthing of my own to find more also!

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