Huckleberries in the News – Week of December 20

Buckwheat and Huckleberries

Today, after it was cooked and dished up, I poured a little vanilla hemp milk and a touch of maple agave syrup over it, then sprinkled huckleberries and

Huckleberry Kuchen With Cassis-Huckleberry Sauce & Crème Fraîche

HOME | RECIPES | FOOD, MIXERS & GARNISH RECIPES Photo by John Valls/Ten Speed Huckleberry Kuchen With Cassis-Huckleberry Sauce & Crème Fraîche James Beard awar…

Huckleberry promotes vasodilation to improve peripheral circulation

This delicious fruit of the plant named Huckleberry, in the North American and European continents. It is a shrub that grows only 16 inches tall and the berries are usually less than 5 mm in diameter and ten large seeds contain.

Huckleberry Festival in Jay, Oklahoma on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

By (rclrclrclrclrclrcl)
Huckleberry Festival. Huckleberry Festival. Huckleberry Festival by rclrclrclrclrclrcl.

Got any huckleberry recipes that you really like–pie, or

By Stewartrg
I’ve got around 6 1/2 cups of freshly picked huckleberries (and a sore back from doing gymnasics trying to reach them). I’m sure that most recipes for blueberry pie, cobbler, jam or whatever would turn out OK if I added a little more


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