Testimonials from Satisfied Rake Customers

Unsolicited comments from our huckleberry rake customers

I purchased your rake at the General Store in Spokane, WA last week and headed up behind Wallace,ID to do some picking. We love going to Idaho because its so beautiful and the people are always friendly. I have to tell you first that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands along with other places. The rake was a life saver allowing me to pick for a longer period of time with out much pain in my hands. I also picked three times as much! I recommend this to anyone with arthritis in their hands to make picking berries more enjoyable and ALOT quicker. Plus in does no damage to the bush! You have perfected this product ten fold. Thank you!

Angela Ordway
Spokane, Washington


Every year a group of ladies and I take a annual camping trip to the mountains to pick huckleberry’s when they get ripe. We took that trip a week before we could order our huckleberry rakes. Each of us working 6 to 7 hours for 2 1/2 days brought home a little over a gallon of berry each.
I oredered and received our rakes the week after we returned from our trip. The rakes came in on a Friday we met to pick on a Sunday. During that approx six hours of picking we took home approx 2 gallons of berrys each. I can only imagine how many more we could have brought home during our camping trip. Next year.
Thanks for this wonderful product and thank you for the lip balm you included. It is yummy and works well to protect the lips.
If I have any complaints about this tool is it can be difficult to use in the middle of a bush, and you have a few extra stems to pick off the berrys, but that is something we usually do when we are sitting around camp.

Tammala Froman
Lebanon, Oregon



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