Easy Wild Huckleberry Cream Pie

1 pint huckleberry pie filling

1 package instant vanilla pudding mix

1 cup cold milk

1 large container frozen whipped topping, thawed

1 cup sour cream

2 baked pie crusts

Pie Crusts:
Store bought works fine, recipe makes a LOT of creamy filling, so need at least two regular crusts (overfills a bit), and will do a pretty decent job with two deep dish crusts. Make sure to bake pie crusts, whether homemade or from the store, and let cool.

Mix 1 cup cold milk with one package instant vanilla pie filling (this is half the normal amount of milk). Beat well. Add sour cream, beat lightly OR mix until mostly blended. Add whipped topping and pie filling. Mix or fold gently until you get a pretty even color (purple in this case!) Sets up quickly, but a little fridge time is recommended. (You wil definitely want to lick the bowl!)

This pie freezers REALLY well. Slice and cover, before freezing. After removing from freezer, put as many pieces as you need onto serving plates, and put the rest of the pie back in the freezer. Pieces may be served immediately (easy to eat with a fork, even frozen, and makes a great summer dessert). Or let sit for 15 minutes, to a softer consistency.

This is a great dessert for making ahead of time! And a definite keeper!

(PS I suppose you can use huckleberry jam instead of pie filling, or make your own filling if you wish. Recipe works well with just about any kind of “red”pie filling, fruit or berry


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