Dr. Dan Barney

Dr. Barney, or as his friends call him, “Mr. Huckleberry”, has done some extensive research on the huckleberry and bilberry agricultural industry.  He is connected with the University of Idaho’s College of Agriculture and  Life Sciences.  Most of his work has been conducted at the  Sandpoint (Idaho) R & E Center.

The research done at the Sandpoint Center includes studying the various types of huckleberries and bilberry grown in various parts of the country; growing huckleberries and bilberries; huckleberry and bilberry research at the University of Idaho; and managing forest stands of huckleberries and bilberries.

Rather that explaining his work, or even explaining the difference between huckleberry species, check out his website!

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  • Dr. Barney, can you tell me what insects pollinate wild huckleberries? I have been told bees,but I have looked while hiking and can’t remember ever seeing insects on the flowers in the day time.

  • Sorry Edwin, but Dr. Barney has left the area and I am not sure of the correct answer.

    Is there anyone out there that may know the answer Edwin’s question?

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